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AIM, April 2011

FSMB Chair Janelle Rhyne, MD and Immediate Past Chair Freda Bush, MD with Blake Maresh of Administrators in Medicine (AIM)
CNN, 2010

FSMB CEO Humayun Chaudhry, DO at the Dallas offices of CNN for an interview in 2010
FSMB Education Committee

FSMB Education Committee and staff planning for the Federation's 2012 annual meeting
FSMB CEO & HRSA Director

FSMB CEO Humayun Chaudhry, DO, meeting with Mary Wakefield, the Director of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
FSMB CEO & Harriet Myers

FSMB CEO Humayun Chaudhry, DO and former US Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers
FSMB's Advocacy Office

Former FSMB Chair and current US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, with Federation senior staff and former Chair Martin Crane, MD, at the opening of the FSMB's Advocacy Office in Washington, DC
Senator Scott Brown

Former FSMB Chair Martin Crane, MD and CEO Humayun Chaudhry, DO, met with Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in 2011
Maintenance of Licensure

Interest in the maintenance of licensure initiative includes many organizations. Leadership from the FSMB, NBME, NBOME, ABMS and AOA met in 2011
USMLE Step 3

The USMLE Step 3 Committee includes former members of the Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania boards
State Medical Board of Ohio

Rick Whitehouse, JD, Executive Director for the State Medical Board of Ohio, also serves as an associate member on the FSMB Board of Directors
Wisconsin Board

A working session for the Wisconsin medical board. FSMB visits each of its member boards on a regular basis to discuss issues of importance to medical boards
NBME Chair

The Federation hosted NBME Chair Lewis First, MD, for a visit in June 2011
Iowa Board's 125th Anniversary

Tammy McGee represents the FSMB at the 125th anniversary ceremony for the Iowa Board of Medicine.
(L-R: Dr. John Olds, Tammy McGee, Dr. Siroos Shirazi, Mark Bowden)
FSMB Board of Directors

Home of Walter Bierring

Much of the early work of the FSMB took place here in Des Moines, Iowa
FSMB First National Offices

The organization's first offices were at the Medical Arts Building in Fort Worth, Texas
FSMB Board of Directors

FSMB Board of Directors, October 1988
FSMB Dinner, February 1957

left to right: Drs. Walter Bierring, Gunner Gunderson, and Wesley Richards
50 Years of FSMB Leadership

left to right: Drs. M.A. Crabb, Herbert Platter, J.J. Combs, Elmer Schnoor, J.J. Moore, and C.J. Glaspel
FSMB Annual Dinner

Group shot of the FSMB Annual Dinner in 1961
Past CEOs/Presidents

left to right: Drs. Stiles Ezell, George Lage, Walter Bierring, Harold Jervey, Robert Derbyshire, E.C. Swanson, Louis Jones, and Sam Poindexter
FLEX Committee

FLEX Committee, Philadelphia, PA. January 1976
John H Clark, MD

John H Clark, MD, Utah Doctor of the Year, 1982
Ray Casterline, MD

Ray Casterline, MD, received Distinguished Service Award, San Diego, CA., 1988
Dr. Hiram Hampton

Turn of the century member of the Florida Eclectic Medical Board
Frederick Merchant, MD

Frederick Merchant, MD received Distinguished Service Award, 1986
Joint Meeting of FSMB and NBME Boards

Discussions supporting the USMLE led to the first joint meeting of the FSMB and NBME governing boards in January 1990.

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